Websites to Try


Click here to visit Coinbase!  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has had major returns.  We love the idea of Bitcoin for the simple reason that it is decentralized. The United States currently has fiat currency, this allows the government  to print money on demand which is a hidden tax!  When you buy $100.00 in Bitcoin, you’ll receive $10.00.


Personal finance is very important and innovative companies can help! We love SoFi, as it is a peer to peer lending website that can help you cut down on that credit card interest or diversity your portfolio. Check out SoFi for more information and by clicking here you can receive up to $100.00 towards your loan!

Hitting Paydirt

Whether you are in Las Vegas or wanting to impress your friends, AJ and his team can provide you a low price analysis on a Football, Basketball, or baseball game. Click here for a discount on an upcoming game!


The Second Amendment is extremely important, and with that right comes responsibility. Here is a gun vault that looks really cool and gets the job done. Click the picture to be linked to Amazon for the best deals.



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