Bannon out, and Direction of White House

Bannon is leaving the White House

WASHINGTON — Steve Bannon had a strong voice and was always near the President when the opportunity presented itself. Now that Mr. Bannon, the president’s chief strategist, has been pushed out, the question is whether his agenda will be erased along with him. Bannon was often critical of China and trading partner, who will replace Bannon? A more moderate Republican or Democrat seems more likely as it will appease the younger Trump family. From gay rights to immigration, Bannon alluded the President will begin to shift more center to appeal to more independent voters and tone down his views to appeal to more democrats.

The one thing the Trump Administration should not forget is his base. Steve Bannon often was a megaphone for conservative voices and Trump has turned his back on Bannon. We will wait to see if the Trump Ship is turning it’s course.