Affirmative Action in Review

The president’s administration is investigating and suing over administration action programs. They are looking into bringing more minority students into universities and not discriminating against white college applicants. The head of the Justice department’s civil right department, Vanita Gupta, made a statement about the plan saying, “affront to our values as a country and the very mission of the civil rights division.”  Hopefully this issue will soon be resolved and the civil rights laws will serve justice in what they were created to do which is protect everyone from discrimination.

The NAACP Legal Team released a statement condemning the plan.

“The LDF has fought to ensure that every child is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed, and we will bring the full force of the law if this Justice Department attempts to resegregate our institutions of higher learning,” officials said.

This latest action is a shift from the Obama administration which often sided with minority students which often had an adverse effect to white students that were academically competitive.