Scaramucci, New Man on the Job

President Trump brought Anthony Scaramucci into the White House as his Communications Chief, a shift from Priebus his former Chief of Staff.   The bad feeling between the two were clearly laid out by Mr. Scaramucci through twitter.  It was obvious from the start the tension between Scaramucci and Prebius was growing rapidly.  President Trump made it clear to Prebius he would be working alongside Steve Bannon, Washington revolutionary, making it known that Prebius would not have much sway over the president as desired.  On Wednesday, the feud between prebius and Scaramucci broke out where scaramucci accused prebius of being one of the “leakers” and a “paranoid schizophrenic”.

Scraramucci has not only publically embarrassed Priebus but Steve Bannon as well referring to Barron as a “snag” of the white house’s agenda.  It is clear throughout the White House there are many attempts of political embarrassment through political figures.  In an effort to embarrass or hurt Priebus’s pride, Scaramucci went on to praise all his employees and then went on to say and then I look at Reince Priebus.  He concluded to make Priebus look less than important when praising his employees.