A Little less Spice in the White House

Sean Spicer, resigned Friday after learning about the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, as Trump’s new communications director.

While the resignation was expected, it still shook the White House. President Trump made an attempt to keep Spicer on his team, but in the end Spicer decided to leave after learning he would have to report to the new hire.  Many within the White House team felt Sean Spicer should have defended the President more and expect Mr. Scaramucci to be more aggressive to fight off Media attacks and calm the public.

Members of congress are unsure what to make out of the new Director as most of his experience is in the financial sector.  The communication team noted that there would be a smooth handoff without much tension.  Only time will tell to see if Anthony Scaramucci was the right pick for this new administration.